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This approximately 40 km (25 mi) long ride is a bike-compatible sightseeing tour through Berlin. The route begins and ends at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station). Of course, it is also possible to start at any point on the route or to combine this ride with a long-distance route.

In addition to the famous Berlin sights, this route also goes through less spectacular residential areas, parks, alongside the Spree river and -- this has become possible in 2010 -- across the airfield of former Tempelhof airport. The route goes through the city centers of both West and East Berlin, gets you to many historical locations, important architecture, popular local hangouts and cultural sites.

The roads overall have a good quality surface (paved), but some cobblestone passages can't be avoided.


Berlin Central Station

Geodaten: 52.52403519999999,13.3700126 Höhe 20 m (Washingtonplatz)

The route begins on Washingtonplatz, at south exit of the station. Keep left at Friedrich-List-Ufer and ride to Invalidenstraße. Turn right there, and on your left you will see the Hamburger Bahnhof art museum and you will be passing the Berlin-Spandau canal. Before 1990 this was the border between West and East Berlin. Right after having crossed the canal, go across Invalidenstraße and follow the promenade along the canal. At its end a quick right-left combination will get you to the Invalidenfriedhof cemetery.

1.1 km / 1 km

Invalidenfriedhof cemetery

Geodaten: 52.53121,13.37116 Höhe 32 m (Invalidenfriedhof)

The route goes through the cemetery for about 200 m. After that follow the canal for a short bit and after having passed a border watchtower turn right onto Kieler Straße. At a 3-way junction turn left onto Scharnhorststraße, passing the German army hospital, then turning right onto Boysenstraße. At the 3-way intersection with Charlottenstraße turn right and then left onto Liesenstraße. This used to be the location of the Chausseestraße border crossing. At the traffic circle underneath the railway overpass turn right onto Gartenstraße. At the signaled intersection turn left onto Bernauer Straße where you will find the Berlin Wall Memorial. Follow the cycle track to the Mauerpark.

4.7 km / 6 km

Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Sunday afternoon at Mauerpark

Geodaten: 52.54662,13.40126 Höhe 48 m (Gleimstraße)

At Schwedter Straße turn left and enter the Mauerpark. The car-free road through the park is paved with cobblestone and unfortunately also often has a lot of glass on it. You will pass the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn stadium and the Max-Schmeling-Halle on your right. Turn right onto Gleimstraße at the end of the park. Cross Schönhauser Allee and the elevated subway and follow Stargarder Straße for about 100 m. There you will find the Gethsemane Church and turn right onto Greifenhagener Straße. At its end turn left onto Gneiststraße. Gneistraße crosses Pappelallee (watch out for the streetcar!) and continues as Raumerstraße. At the next corner you will get to the Helmholtzplatz. 1.5 km / 7 km



Geodaten: 52.54332,13.41716 Höhe 55 m (Helmholtzplatz)

Turn right onto Lychener Straße and follow it to Danziger Straße. Cross Danziger Straße at a pedestrian signal and enter Knaackstraße. After a few meters turn right through an archway, entering the Kulturbrauerei. This former brewery now houses restaurants, a movie theater, galleries and theater stages. Cross the area on cobblestones and then turn left onto Sredzkistraße. At Kollwitzstraße turn right and follow it to Kollwitzplatz.

1.3 km / 9 km


  • Public restrooms

Geodaten: 52.53655,13.41826 Höhe 58 m (Kollwitzplatz)

Go around Kollwitzplatz until you get to Kollwitzstraße again. Turn left at Metzer Straße, right at the next corner onto Straßburger Straße, and then left again at the next corner onto Saarbrücker Straße. At the Backfabrik building turn right onto Prenzlauer Allee.

Follow the cycle track to Mollstraße and turn left at the big intersection. At the next intersection turn right onto Keibelstraße and then left again at Wadzeckstraße. At the next corner, turn right and follow the streetcar tracks to Alexanderplatz. Cross Alexanderstraße at the pedestrian signal and go across the Alexanderplatz pedestrian mall. Beware of the streetcars that slowly go across the square.

2,5 km / 11 km


Weltzeituhr at Alexanderplatz - a popular meeting point for cyclists, too
Marx Engels Monument
  • S-/U-Bahn station regional train station

Geodaten: 52.52094,13.41276 Höhe 41 m (Alexanderplatz)

Cross Alexanderplatz, passing the Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft fountain, towards the Weltzeituhr (world time clock), then go through the railway underpass and follow the cycle track towards town hall, Rotes Rathaus. Continuing straight towards Schlossplatz currently (April 2011) is not possible due to construction work. Therefore we take a small detour through the green space next to the TV Tower, passing the Neptun fountain with the Marienkirche church in the background. Where you can cross Spandauer Straße depends on the currently ongoing construction. Go across the Marx-Engels Forum. Because of construction, the Marx-Engels monument has been moved to near the Liebknecht bridge. Cross the Spree river here to get to Schlossplatz. On your right, there is the Berlin Cathedral and Museum Island. 1,0 km / 12 km


Geodaten: 52.51796,13.40089 Höhe 39 m (Schlossplatz)

Go across Schlossplatz through the green space which is the former location of the demolished Palast der Republik. Please note that this is a dismount zone.

At Breite Straße turn right, passing the former building of the GDR State Council (Staatsratsgebäude) that contains parts of the facade of the Berlin City Palace (Berliner Schloss) and passing the Foreign Ministry. Until 1990, the back of this building was home to the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party of the GDR. Now turn left at Oberwallstraße und right again at Jägerstraße, leading to Gendarmenmarkt.

1,1 km / 13 km


"Führerbunker" in the middle of late-GDR residential

Geodaten: 52.51402,13.39219 Höhe 42 m (Gendarmenmarkt)

Continue on Jägerstraße until it ends and then turn left onto Mauerstraße. At Ziethenplatz turn left onto Mohrenstraße and after 100 m turn right again, then left at the cul-de-sac, crossing Wilhelmstraße. Continue on An der Kolonnade until it ends, then turn left. After about 30 m you will find a display commemorating the Führerbunker. Continue for a short stretch and then turn left onto Hannah-Arendt-Straße, shortly before reaching the Holocaust Memorial. This street passes the Memorial and leads to Ebertstraße. Turn left here and continue on the Berliner Mauerweg, a path following the Berlin Wall, towards Potsdamer Platz.

1,9 km / 15 km

Potsdamer Platz

Remains of the Wall, Exhibit "Topography of Terror" in the background
Checkpoint Charlie

Geodaten: 52.50899,13.37650 Höhe 40 m (Potsdamer Platz)

Cross the square and continue on Berliner Mauerweg onto Stresemannstraße. Turn right left onto Niederkirchnerstraße. On the left you will see the Berlin State parliament (Abgeordnetenhaus), on your right is the Martin-Gropius-Bau and Topography of Terror exhibition. On your right, you will also pass about 200 m of remains of the Berlin Wall. Before crossing Wilhelmstraße at a traffic light, you will pass the Ministry of Finance.

Continue straight on Zimmerstraße. When crossing Friedrichstraße you will pass Checkpoint Charlie and the related museum. Further down you will pass the headquarters of the publisher Axel-Springer-Verlag. At the end of Zimmerstraße turn left onto Axel-Springer-Straße and after 150 m turn right at Kommandantenstraße. Pass the Bundesdruckerei, printer of banknotes, passports, and stamps, and follow Kommandantenstraße until it ends. A left-right combination across Alte Jacobsstraße will get you onto Stallschreiberstraße. At Alexandrinenstraße turn left and then right again at Sebastianstraße. Cross Heinrich-Heine-Straße, former location of a larger border crossing between East and West Berlin.

Turn left onto Luckauer Straße and then right again at Waldemarstraße. Waldemarstraße will lead you to the Luisenstädtischen canal, which has been converted into a green space. Continue right on Legiendamm until your reach Oranienplatz.

3,7 km / 19 km


Admiralbrücke - Popular hangout for locals and tourists

Geodaten: 52.50216,13.41564 Höhe 41 m (Oranienplatz)

On the square turn left onto Oranienstraße which will take you through the SO36 neighborhood. Turn right at Adalbertstraße and cross underneath the rather monstrous Neues Kreuzberger Zentrum. At Kottbuser Tor follow the traffic circle (Be careful -- this circle has been location of a number of bike-car collisions) and continue on Admiralstraße. This street ends at the Landwehrkanal on Admiralbrücke, an increasingly popular hangout.

Continue on Grimmstraße, crossing Dieffenbach- and Urbanstraße. At the end of the park between the two lanes of Grimmstraße keep left and turn onto Fichtestraße. Fichtestraße ends at Hasenheide. Cross at the pedestrian signal, which will get you to the Hasenheide park.

1,9 km / 21 km


Geodaten: 52.48792,13.41402 Höhe 43 m (Hasenheide)

Cross the park on its main axis. At its end cross Columbiadamm at the pedestrian signal. Turn left on the cycle track. Behind the Neukölln swimming pool, turn right onto a multi-use path. After 400 m you get to the entrance of the former Tempelhof airfield.

1,4 km / 22 km

Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer Feld
The past: Tempelhof Airport

Geodaten: 52.47672,13.41824 Höhe 46 m (Tempelhofer Feld)

You can go across the former Tempelhof airport in many ways. The track takes you straight on the former landing strip to its end and then, passing the gigantic terminal, to the north exit.

Turn left to follow Columbiadamm for a short stretch, then cross at the pedestrian signal and follow Golßener Straße. At its end turn left onto Jüterboger Straße, then right onto Heimstraße, ending at Marheinekeplatz.

4,8 km / 27 km


Kreuzberg at Viktoriapark

Geodaten: 52.48907,13.39476 Höhe 43 m (Marheinekeplatz)

Turn left onto Bergmannstraße, location of many popular bars and cafés, passing the Marheinekehalle market on your right. Cross Mehringdamm and continue on Kreuzbergstraße. You'll pass Viktoriapark with the Kreuzberg and Schinkel's National Monument on your left. Cross Katzbachstraße and follow the left turn of Kreuzbergstraße. At the intersection with Monumentenstraße turn right and go across the Monumentenbrücke. Monumenstraße continues across Langenscheidtbrücke and turns into Langenscheidtstraße. Cross Potsdamer Straße, following Grunewaldstraße for 150 m before turning right into the inconspicuous Kleistpark.

2,7 km / 29 km


  • U-Bahnhof Kleistpark

Geodaten: 52.49045,13.35770 Höhe 39 m (Kleistpark)

Cross the park behind the former building of the Allied Control Council. After 150 m turn left, leaving the park in front of the Kammergericht building. Cross the street and continue through the passageway. At the end of the lot Barbarossastraße begins and you will continue on it through the Bayerisches Viertel neighborhood to Landshuter Straße. Turn right here, cross Hohenstaufenstraße und continue on Ansbacher Straße. After crossing Lietzenburger Straße at a pedestrian signal, the street turns into a cul-de-sac. After continuing for 50 m through the pedestrian mall you will reach Wittenbergplatz.

2,6 km / 32 km


  • U-Bahn station Wittenbergplatz

Geodaten: 52.50201,13.34232 Höhe 40 m (Wittenbergplatz)

At the KadeWe department store cross Wittenbergplatz at the pedestrian signal. On the other side of the road turn left on Tauentzienstraße and continue past Europa-Center and Breitscheidplatz towards Gedächtniskirche. Behind the church turn right through the pedestrian mall and then cross Budapester Straße at a pedestrian signal. The Bikini-Haus is located on the other side of the street. Turn left, passing the Zoo-Palast movie theater. Before getting Bahnhof Zoo station turn right onto Hardenbergplatz. At the end of the square is the entrance to the Berlin Zoo.

1,1 km / 33 km

Zoologischer Garten

At the Landwehrkanal
  • S-/U- and regional train station

Geodaten: 52.50809,13.33451 Höhe 36 m (Zoo)

Continue between the railway and zoo. Right before reaching the Landwehrkanal, turn right through a gateway onto the path alongside the canal. Continue alongside the zoo fence to Liechtensteinbrücke. Cross the Landwehrkanal at this bridge and continue on Liechtensteinallee. At the canal, right behind the bridge you will find a monument commemorating Rosa Luxemburg.

If the above gate is closed you can instead cross the canal and ride along the canal's northern side. Both paths have a lot of pedestrian traffic on the weekend. On Liechtensteinallee cross the Tiergarten park towards Siegessäule. You'll be passing the Café am Neuen See, which has ample bike parking and a big self-service area, and the Spanish Embassy.

2,0 km / 35 km

Berlin-Tiergarten (Siegessäule)

Spree river at Kanzleramt
Moltkebrücke in front of Hauptbahnhof

Geodaten: 52.5152056,13.3501778 Höhe 34 m (Siegessäule)

Just before reaching the Siegessäule traffic circle, turn right and cross Hofjägerallee at the pedestrian signal. Continue on the cycletrack on Straße des 17. Juni or alternatively use the wide park alley until you reach Bellevueallee. Cross the street without a traffic light and turn half-right onto Rüsternallee. At its end turn right onto Ahornallee. This part of the Tiergarten is a popular Sunday BBQ spot of the Turkish community.

Cross John-Foster-Dulles-Allee and go around the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Pass the Tipi am Kanzleramt and once you've reached the Spree river turn right onto the path alongside the river. You'll pass the rear of the Kanzleramt (chancellor's office). Right behind Moltkebrücke you'll go right through a passageway onto a ramp that leads up to a pedestrian bridge, the Alsensteg. Cross the Spree und you will have completed your ride back where you started, at Washingtonplatz in front of the Hauptbahnhof.

2,1 km / 37 km

Berlin Hbf

Geodaten: 52.5234869,13.3704149 Höhe 20 m (Washingtonplatz)


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